The main line of business of the BESO HOMES development and investments company are investments, design and construction of residential and office buildings, including sales on apartments and offices, on the territory of the Capital Municipality (Sofia). The investment focus is on the residential building with fine exquisite architecture and perfect location. We aim at providing our clients with attractive apartment or office, in terms of quality and cost. We do not yield to the market trends of raising prices and our priority is to make sure that our clients, as real estate investors, can achieve a profit in a future resale. A very important feature of our Company, enabling us to win the confidence of our clients is our flexibility in terms of payment methods. Our Company has been approved by a leading Bulgarian bank, which offers funding to our clients, as early as the stage of Act 14, as the share in the payment, to be provided by the clients, amounts to 10 to 20%. The company operates with a fully closed business cycle: from the initial stages of planning and design, to the performance and implementation of projects, their management and maintenance.

Qualified, experienced and imaginative – these are the people that we rely on and whom we value. Our team includes architects, civil engineers, teams of construction workers, suppliers and Marketing and Sales specialists. A team, combining everything it takes to build the home of your dreams or your convenient and comfortable office space.

At present the company is implementing three projects for residential complexes – ParkView Residence, SunnyBoyana и ModernLiving Apartments, as two more projects will be implemented in the near future. We have built several office buildings, the most remarkable of them being Crystal Business Centre – controlled, managed and maintained by us.

For us, it is of utmost importance that our clients are not only satisfied with the results of our work, when buying their property, but to continue to enjoy their property during its use, without the need of any additional repairs. This ensures our excellent reputation, as a highquality contractor, for our future clients and partners. By selling quality apartments and office space, we aim to provide added value to the people who trust us.

We never compromise on the deadlines, included in the construction schedule. By choosing our company, you may rest assured that you will not have to face constant delays and endless excuses. Our specialists’ experience and expertise and the reliable contacts of our suppliers, enable us to properly estimate the actual time it will take to finish a project, and meet the respective deadlines for its commissioning.